PMDD and heavy periods with Copper IUD. Jenna’s Story

I had a marina IUD years ago and became convinced that it was causing me to have foot and leg pain so I got it out. I then immediately had an ectopic pregnancy I believe because of the disruption from the IUD. Many years later after having two more kids I ended up divorcing my husband and subsequently decided to get an IUD. I I knew I didn’t want hormones in my body so I chose the copper IUD. Since then I have been having worsening symptoms of PMS to the point of PMDD and extremely heavy periods that last 10 days a month including 10 days of PMS. I am getting it out as soon as possible.I have also felt depression brain fog mood swings and all the intense hormonal fluctuations that one might feel on a hormonal birth control. Before I got the copper IUD I had a very light three day period and my PMS was extremely manageable. I do now believe that the copper IUD has been poisoning me and I had no idea this whole time.

Submitted on May 21, 2021