Karissa’s Story

After suffering a miscarriage in July 2018,My fiancé and I decided to put me on birth control as I did not want to get pregnant because I was heartbroken from my miscarriage.I chose to get the Liletta IUD and that was a huge mistake!

It is now June 2020 and have been on it for almost 2 years.My anxiety and depression have gotten much worse overtime and the weight gain is absolutely awful!!I used to be 165 pounds and I am now 215 pounds and this is being on a diet and taking Phentermine pills to assist with trying to lose weight.I got told Liletta was absolutely wonderful but knowing what I do now and all that I have experienced,I will never have it again!I want it removed,But no other birth control option is exactly great either. I’m so miserable 24/7.

I would never wish for any other woman to get the IUD.Please ladies if you have it,Get it removed!I will be talking to my doctor

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