Kelly’s Story

I got my iud shortly after having my 2nd child. I weighed 135 pounds. Within a couple months I noticed nothing fit, weighed myself and I weighed 157 pounds. Nearly what I weighed when I had my baby. Didn’t have energy (blamed it on 2 kids being ages 2 and under) went a few months ago for my well woman’s and my dr told me “your weight has nothing to do with the IUD, nor the headaches/migraines. The IUD simply tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant, just watch what you eat”. I then found myself having memory fog, headaches DAILY. I removed my iud myself. I didn’t want it in me anymore when I found a thread with thousands of women claiming the same things that was happening to me.

I had a killer headache prior to removal, within an hour it was gone after I removed it.

No, side effects aren’t normal. Don’t let the dr brain wash you. They’re making money off of you and your illness. Trust your body and if something isn’t right, find the common denominator. For my case, it was my mirena IUD.