Shani’s Story

My symptoms didn’t show up until between 6 months and a year. I didn’t connect the problems to my IUD until I’d had it 3 years. Here is what I experienced:

My side effects with the Paragard copper IUD:

Chronic fatigue
Weight gain (40lbs)
Massive hair loss
Random rashes
Food allergies/intolerance IBS
Brittle nails
Heavy bleeding
10 day periods
Anxiety (could hardly drive)
Depression (would cry all the time over nothing)
Brain fog
Zero sex drive
Joint pain (hips, knees, wrists, shoulders)
Fibromyalgia (upper arms and upper legs)
I wanted to die…..

When I finally realized it was my Copper IUD after extensive research and finding a forum online with 3000 other women who had my exact same symptoms, I knew it had to come out.

You can’t tell me the IUD wasn’t the cause, because within 3 months of taking it out my anxiety and depression were gone!!! It’s been 5 years and my hair is back to normal I’m pretty much symptom free except for some extra weight still hanging on and a bit of inflammation in my joints. But I’ll take that compared to the hell I was living in before.