Krystin’s Story

I’ve had the copper iud “successfully” 3 times now and I’ve had a total of 5 placed. Two times it shifted and caused horrible pain and bleeding. First time I had the copper iud placed was after the birth of my first child and I had it for 6 years. Bled for 3 weeks and off my period for 1 week. Only issues I noticed from it. Had it out due to anemia from all the bleeding, got pregnant with my second child. Got one placed after I had my second child and that’s when it started. I had it in for 2 years and for 2 whole years I had the worst anxiety I’ve ever experienced in my life! I would shake non stop, heart would race, hair was thinning, paranoid, sad and depressed, migraines for weeks.. WEEKS! The list goes on. Had it removed after some research.. within 24 hours those issues resolved. Fast forward about 4 years and I wanted to try it again, because I can’t use hormonal birth control. Too much estrogen in me I guess. Had 1 placed, it shifted. Bled awfully.. as in pouring out of me. Had it removed and another placed.. it moved down a few weeks later.. awful pain and bleeding. Finally had one put in and it stayed in the right spot! No issues and everything was great! About 6 months later started having extreme panic attacks, dizziness, sweats, hot flashes, constipation, UTI’s, ovarian cysts, blurred vision, loss of hair, fatigue, racing heart, got told I was now hypoglycemic, and did I mention severe anxiety?! Did my research again and its all leaning towards the iud… again. Getting it removed today! But now I’m worried about what to use for birth control. I don’t want to remove it, because I do not want anymore children, but I cant live like this anymore. Hoping all these issue resolve shortly after getting it removed today. It is 2021.. there should be other options for women who can’t take non hormonal birth control. Options other than surgery or options that dont take away from the fun and feeling when making love with your partner. Anyways, glad I could finally share my story. I hope this helps someone like reading others stories has helped me.

Submitted on June 22, 2021

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