“The weight gain is never ending” Melinda’s Story

I am 38 yrs old. This is my second time with the Mirena. The first time was great. I had just had my second baby and fertile myrtle. I picked smoking back up shortly after I finished breast feeding which increases my chances for blood clots. So I was informed about the Mirena. I had it in for 4-5 yrs with no problems. Then after careful consideration and planning my husband and I decided to have another child so I had it removed. They say to wait a full month allowing for 1 period cycle before you plan to get pregnant. I did so, and within a month after that 1st period I was pregnant again. Pregnant at 35, they considered me Geriatric Pregnancy haha.
I did develop Gestational Diabetes this last pregnancy for the first time so I had to watch my diet and only gained 27 pounds. Which was very easy to lose after delivery. Then I got the 2nd round of the Mirena. This time it’s not going so well. I am extremely moody and irritate easily. And the weight, oh my god the weight gain is never ending. I am now heavier than every before and it just doesn’t stop. I also get extreme swelling in my legs, especially towards the end of the day. Not sure, but I feel it’s related to the Mirena. Messing with my hormones or something. Doing my own research because the doctors say it’s in my head and just my dietary habits, I stumbled across adrenal gland weakness and thyroid problems being a contributing factor which are hormone related and affected, they work hand in hand apparently. Not sure yet, still doing some research but I just have a feeling it’s all kind of related, it’s a really strong gut feeling that I just can’t put my finger on it but I know I am close. So I stumbled on this site looking to see if others are going through the same thing. I am considering taking it out, almost convinced at this point. But I don’t want another baby at my age and not sure what other options are available.

Submitted on July 14, 2021

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