“They found the device lodged between my rectum and uterus”. Rhandi’s Story Update

I wanted to give an update, if possible on how things turned out. I received emergency surgery on Monday. Though relieved to have the medieval torture device removed, I now have a whole host of other issues. I have never had surgery before. It was a terrifying experience, even more so knowing that this was totally avoidable. I have three incisions in my abdomen, a cough from being intubated that won’t go away and a bladder that won’t seem to fully empty, no matter what I try. The night of the surgery I was up every 5 minutes to pee. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable to use the bathroom, even four days after surgery. I’m worried this is my new normal. If I could go back in time, I never would have received the Mirena. I sleep all day trying to heal from the surgery and the mental anguish this experience has caused. They found the device lodged between my rectum and uterus. Luckily it didn’t perforate any other organs. I hope my body and spirit can heal completely from this. I sleep all the time now and my favorite thing to do in the world, walking, only brings me exhaustion. If I can spare one person, please don’t have this procedure. It’s just not worth the risks involved.

Submitted on July 23, 2021

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