IUD MOVED. “Listen to your body …not the doctors!” Rhandi’s Story

Listen to your body …not the doctors!
I received the Mirena nearly two weeks ago. The pain of insertion was very similar to labor pains. It was intense and I was in shock after. I should not have walked home by myself. I took 2 extra strength advil and passed out. The next day I couldn’t go into work as a result of the pain and I’ve given birth naturally. So I am no wallflower to discomfort. Two days after insertion I couldn’t find the strings. I booked an appt at the same clinic that inserted it to have it removed. Something was off. The doctor couldn’t find the strings and told me to go to the hospital. They did an internal exam as well with no luck. She then did an ultrasound and told me the IUD was ‘safe’ in my uterus. Things were still not feeling right. Sharp, stabbing pain that moved down my leg and up through my sternum. Constant abdominal pressure, bloating, cramping. I took it upon myself to find someone who would listen. Got an appt with a women’s centre where they did an internal ultrasound and said no device to be found. I was then sent for emergency ultrasound and xray. They found the medieval torture device in my abdomen floating around! Hardly safe…in fact I was told to go to the hospital right away for emegency surgery. Still currently waiting in hospital for surgery as that has seen it’s own delays. Do not get this device. Horror stories or no, having a piece of plastic lodged anywhere in your body is not safe nor healthy. I will be sticking with my tried and true birth control, regardless of doctor recommendations. This process has been horrendous. The doctors constantly denied my pain, passed me around and didn’t take me seriously. Why is female pain ignored and disregarded as we’ll get over it or get use to it? Getting use to pain is not something you should ever do or be asked to do by the medical community. Thank goodness for the women’s clinic that actually helped me and got the ball rolling in getting this gd thing removed. Listen to your body!

Submitted on July 19, 2021

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