Story submission 07/13/2020

After being on the pill for years, I started going to a new gyno who told me I couldn’t be on that pill because of my migraine and headaches and the risk that poses for having a stroke. He also told me I couldn’t be put on anything hormone related, come to find out from a second opinion 2.5 years later that was bs. So, I got my Paraguard IUD placed 3 ago by a male gyno that told me that during the insertion I would feel a “slight pressure”. Boy was he wrong already. That “slight pressure” made me extremely lightheaded then made me lose momentary vision. When asked if I was okay I told him I needed some time and he left the room for awhile until I had the strength to get up. Like everyone, I was told I’d have heavier periods and cramping (which were two things I already have). The first 6 months were rough with days crying in bed in fetal position. Then I started being generally anxious about things I typically wouldn’t think twice about. Along with constantly saying how I feel sad for no reason and breaking down crying. Then came manic bursts of raising my voice to find a minute later how crazy I just sounded. Three years with these neurological symptoms and I have turned a blind eye or telling myself I’m just PMSing and am overly sensitive.

The periods come about twice a month. Usually a painful 5 days, a two day break then it starts all over again. I take 800mg of ibuprofen because that is the only thing that seems to even touch the pain. Present tense, I am now doing more research and learning these aren’t normal things to experience in day to day life and could possibly be eliminated by removing my IUD. coming to this page has helped a lot to open my eyes and get it taken out this week.