Depression, Low Libido and Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism after Copper IUD. Blanca’s Story

At age 23, my partner and I decided to move into our first apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa! It was to be the best time of our lives. I had been on hormonal birth control and was unhappy with the side effects and so opted for the Copper IUD- I had done my research which all pointed to it being a fantastic hormone-free option and my doctor didn’t advise me any differently when I requested it.

Initially I had a roller coaster ride coming off the hormonal pill and gave myself 1 normalCopper IUD, Weight Gain period before IUD insertion. What followed was a hurricane of symptoms, acne on my face, neck and back, 40kg weight gain, constant exhaustion, anxiety attacks, depression, low libido and constant brain fog amongst other symptoms- I knew something was wrong and began searching for answers in my sick state.

I spent thousands on tests and doctors visits and spent every moment of every day researching deeper into my issues, was diagnosed with depression and Hashimsoto’s Hypothyroidism, which does not run in my family and I still had a nagging feeling that I did not receive the answers I needed.

Fast forward four years, I’ve regained 50% of my health with daily exercise, daily sun exposure and healthy diets, and yet continue to struggle with unrelenting weight gain, weighing in at 100kg no matter how hard I work or diet.

Yesterday I had my Copper IUD removed after much research into the side effects, and have had headaches, a strange taste in my mouth and sensitivity to smell, along with insane dreams and lack of physical strength.

Although doctors continue to diagnose me with other issues, I am confident in the gut feeling that they’ve all missed something, it wouldn’t be the first time and I am well aware that I was at my healthiest, fittest and happiest when these issues began four years ago.

I want my health back! See attached pictures of me from before and after my IUD insertion.

Submitted on December 14, 2021 

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