“I still have thyroid issues thanks to Mirena” Janel’s Story

I’m not fully recovered and I still have thyroid issues thanks to Mirena (and likely years of birth control chemicals in my system as well as a tubal ligation and 3 pregnancies. I can’t rule them outta the equation). I’m still having insomnia with anxiety, joint pain, muscle weakness, food sensitivity, bursts of crying, constant heartburn, dizziness, lack of energy, joint burning, arm nerve burning , dizziness, itchy dry skin, hair loss, stubborn weight gain. I wasn’t eating much in the beginning because I had no appetite and I could smell everything like when you’re pregnant. It made most foods look disgusting. I lost about 15 pounds. Who knows how long it’ll be, if at all, that I’ll be able to recuperate from this horror.

Janel also posted a video speaking about her experience on YouTube.
Details of Mirena Crash. 

Submitted on July 28, 2021

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