Kristin’s Story

I had always had a sensitive stomach but a sensitive stomach had turned into midnight vomiting and horrific stomach and lower back pains that could wake me up or double me over. It often felt like debilitating cramps then followed with diarrhea. Or I would wake up in the middle of the night and throw up. After having my Mirena for 3 years I seemed to be battling constant nausea and stomach pains along with bouts of diarrhea. After seeing my GP and being referred to OB/Gyn and a Gastroenterologist. I had blood tests, ultrasounds, was tested for parasites and so many other things. I was told I had IBS and prescribed 3 medications with pretty heave side effects(I never took them) instead I asked my Gynecologist to take out my IUD and told her I was convinced it was the problem, she agreed to remove it but followed up with I highly doubt they’re related but let me know if your symptoms improve. Removed IUD Feb 2020 all symptoms have disappeared.

Submitted on January 4th 2022

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