Major fatigue, unexplained anxiety, and panic attacks with Depo Injection. Lucy’s Story

Thought some of you might find this interesting. I decided to get a DUTCH test done 2 months after I came off depo as I’ve been really unwell and wanted to know what was going on with my hormones.

This was the outcome of my estrogen and progesterone… pretty much nothing (the yellow arrow is my result). I’ve been running on empty while I wait for my body to start producing it’s natural hormones again.

My main symptoms have been major fatigue, unexplained anxiety and panic attacks, tremors, digestive problems, dizziness, vision changes, body aches and pains, low blood sugar, hot flushes and feeling off balance.

I’ve started working with a naturopath and changing my diet/supplements/sleep cycle and it’s definitely helping. I’m not back to normal yet but the anxiety is starting to lift, I’m sleeping better and my blood sugar is more stable.

If you feel unwell after depo, you need to really nourish your body with protein, healthy fats and lots of veg. Find good quality supplements and focus on sleep, stress management and listen to your body.

I also found out from the DUTCH test that my androgens were super high because you can get androgen rebound after depo and that’s why so many people get acne, hair loss and hair growth in random places.

I have been there and I’m still working to get back to normal again. It’s not easy but it’s nice to know we’re not alone in this and we will get back to ourselves again, it just takes some time and healing x

Submitted on October 27, 2021

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