Cramping, weight gain, cystic acne and more with Mirena IUD. Taulara’s Story

I wish I had known about this page prior to getting Mirena. But, why would I think to look up a page on negatives and side effects when everything the Dr tells you and that you see online tells you how amazing it is?! Then every time you THINK you are having a problem related to it and call a doctor or look online they tell you it’s not and you feel crazy and like it’s in your head?

I had Mirena inserted July 2020. The insertion was horribly uncomfortable (and I’ve had 4 kids. I couldn’t imagine for someone who had none). I cramped horrible for about 2 weeks before they eased up. I bled (alternating between light flow and spotting) for 3 months straight. I was assured all of this was normal then would end and it would be smooth sailing, no periods or side effects, and no babies! Hahahah. Let’s all take a moment and laugh at my naivety.

The side effects weren’t immediate or dramatic but more like a gradual increase of everything in small ways. That’s why it took longer to pinpoint the cause and I kept blaming other things because it had been x amount of time since insertion, so I couldn’t have these reactions as side effects that longer after having it put in, right? Yeah…there was weight gain. 1-2 lbs here and there. Til it was 30 lbs total from July- March. I wasn’t eating worse, I actually started eating better, I stopped soda, drank a gallon of water, and took a water pill at the end. Why was I still gaining and bloated and swollen and not able to even lose 1 lb?!

The cystic acne started. My face started with 1-2 small painful ones here and there and then started getting bigger and more and in places I never got them and took soooo long to heal. I had one on my cheek that was there from Sept- Feb. I have scars from the ones that have “healed” now and so many more painful ones. I’m 34. I didn’t just suddenly develop hormonal acne after never having this problem before and I have a good skin care routine and always have. My Dr said “well that’s just your skin. You don’t have the meds your old type of bc had that would’ve stopped it from doing this so you’ll have to change your routine to compensate for that”. Umm ok. Except my skin never looked like this when I wasn’t taking bc pills before (or when I did either) and I tried his suggestions. Skin was just still getting worse. Tried everything. Still horrible.

There’s the anxiety and depression. I’ve always had them but super mild and manageable. They’ve slowly gotten worse and worse. To the point I can’t make it through the day without crying or raging or freaking out or all of the above.

I’m constantly fatigued and wore out no matter how much sleep I get. Had thyroid levels and everything checked and tried all the stuff they’ve said. Nothings worked.
I have had negative sex drive. The thought of sex made me want to gag and was just stressful having to even worry about if my husband did want it cause I reeeeallly didn’t but it wasn’t him and it really was me. Sooo dry even when we tried and it hurt and I could feel the mirena during and after.
I have complained sooo many times in the last few months of feeling “off”. Like I couldn’t describe exactly how or why or what was wrong, I just knew I didn’t feel right.After months of dealing with these problems and finally seeing people talk about them on forums here and on Reddit I’m learning it’s not me and I’m not alone. I was able to look back at pictures of me from before and after insertion and you can SEE the differences from June before I got it to now. My skin, my weight, my bloated ness, my demeanor, I just look wore out and like I have no joy. Because I don’t.
I got mirena out yesterday morning and immediately felt like a weight had been lifted because I knew that things would start looking up and getting better. It may take time. And I dread the crash. But, at least I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t have that thing inside of me slowly making things worse.

Submitted on March 14, 2021 

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